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Bale and Bunk Feeders

3 piece Heavy Duty bull feeder

Our heavy duty bull feeder will stand the test of time and can take a beating!  Made of 14-gauge steel tubing and 20-gauge steel, this heavy duty hay feeder is a great investment in your livestock feeding program.

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Convert-a-Bull Hay Saver Insert

Save money with the Plymouth Industries hay saver insert.  This patented hay feeder insert will increase the efficiency of your hay feeder system.  It's fits universally over any 8' diameter heavy duty feeder and is great addition to our 3 piece heavy duty bull feeder.  

It's your hay and your money to save! Kevin Wittler, Feed Manager, Farmers Coop, Plymouth NE location, tested the Convert-a-Bull Hay Saver on a 6 feeder setup.  Results proved a  savings of 9.93 lbs. of hay (compared to conventional feeder).....$2.98 per day! Savings pay for the cost of the feeder in just 132.5 days!

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Tall Horse Feeder

Our horse feeder is extra tall to accommodate tall horses and eliminates mane rub.  

Save money! Add our hay saver insert and save up to 25% on hay!

The horse feeder can be combined with our patented hay saver insert. This will allow the horses to consume the entire ball of hay without waste or buildup.  The horse feeder with hay feeder insert feeds 6 horses per feeder for four days!

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Calf and Sheep Feeder

The same quality design as our 3 piece heavy duty bull feeder, this feeder accommodates calves and sheep.  The 16" skirt, compared to the 20" skirt on the bull feeder allows easier access for smaller livestock. The feeder is designed with 9" bar spacing to keep small animals out of the feeder.

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Feed Bunks

12 GA Bunk and 14 GA legs with under supports
Available in lengths of:  8 feet and 16 feet 

We Build Custom Feed Bunks! 

Contact Us to discuss your needs and pricing.

Heavy Duty Double Tine Bale Mover

  • Built for category two and three tractor hitches
  • Load capacity of up to 3,000 pounds
  • Constructed from heavy wall
  • High tensil steel and cast steel points
  • 2.5" X 1/4" tubing