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Livestock Penning Systems

Livestock Fair Pens

Plymouth Industries has designed and built livestock fair pens for some of the largest fairs in the country!  We custom design to fit your facility and fair needs.

We are a member in good standing of the Western Fairs Associationlogo_wfa.png

Cluster and Single Row Fair Pens

Convenient and economical back-to-back cluster pens allow for space and money savings. Back-to-back cluster systems share a common rear panel, thus reducing the overall cost.

Single row fair pens are available for setting up next to walls or as an outside confinement.

Available options for both cluster fair pens and single row fair pens:

  • Horizontal or vertical bar configurations
  • Arch gates
  • Double gate panels
  • Bottom sheeting

Available finish options:

  • Liquid or powder coat paint
  • Galvanized

Fair Pens Pallet System

Simple transportation and storage of fair panels is key!  These stackable fair pen pallets provide accessibility for forklifts. This feature also allows for quick and easy setup and teardown and makes conversion a simple and efficient task.

Arenas, tie stalls and alley ways are also available.

Custom Design Fair Pen Systems

Clients and Projects: Custom designed fair pen systems that required...more.png

Fair Pen Gallery

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Corral Panels & Gates

Maximize your livestock penning systems with the Plymouth Industries livestock corral panels and gates.  Built with the materials we use for our fair penning systems, the quality materials and construction makes these livestock penning components a good investment.

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Calf Stalls

Plymouth Industries’ calf stall system is a favorite among producers. A permanent or portable calf pen system allows for convenient staging of starter calves.

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